Utilizing the latest developments in AI technology, we connect Dental Professionals
with available operatories. Here’s how the App works, step by step: 

A Dental Professional opens the app

The Dental Professional scrolls through available operatories near them, filters through amenities provided, time slots available and other office details.

A Dental Professional chooses the desired operatory

The Dental Professional chooses the desired operatory and makes payment. The host is automatically notified of the request for the operatory.

The Host reviews the Dental Professional for requested booking

The Host verifies and reviews the Dental Professional’s profile. The Dental Professional is notified of the approval.

The Dental Professional treats the patients

The Dental Professional treats their patients, and then does the following through the app: Documents clinical notes and stores the chart in a Privacy Compliance (HIPAA, PIPEDA, PIPA) secure cloud, submits the patient’s claim form, and takes payment from the patient.

The Dental Professional and Host leave rating and reviews

At the end of each booking, the Host and Dental Professional can rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. Dental Professionals also have the option to refer their patient to the Host, for specific treatment, through the App.